Rush Profits wants to be your sales training partner. Whether you need a little help in a specific area or you need to design and implement an entire sales strategy, we can help.

Our core focus is helping to develop sales people, systems and processes so you can generate more profit.

We offer a turn-key solution that starts with improving customer service and inbound phone call/store traffic conversions. We will help you develop and implement a sales process that is custom tailored to your company, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your current staff.

It does not matter how well you market if you cannot convert the opportunities into profitable sales. Rush Profits will help you develop a sales plan that is designed with individual goals, accountability and tracking so you have full visibility to the progress being made.

Some of the key areas we help focus on are:

  • Overall discovery and assessment of current company situation
  • Onsite classroom training
  • Onsite 1:1 development
  • Onsite in-home live training
  • Building value on the phone / increase opportunity conversions
  • Overcoming objections such as price, need, spouse discussion, trust and budget
  • Building rapport, trust and need
  • Designing discovery questions
  • Undoing bad habits such as lowering price to close deals
  • Creating and implementing follow up strategies
  • Developing ‘Customer for Life’ systems
  • Current staff SWOT assessment
  • Personal Aim goal setting
  • Product and Service pricing assessment
  • Organization structure and management analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping of Key Sales Processes
  • Creation and Tracking of Key Performance Indicators
  • Truly differentiating you from your competition
  • Voice mail and phone language.

Go to our ‘Schedule Free Consultation’ page to set up a time to discuss your business needs and let’s work together to start Rushing Profits into your business.