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I have worked with Alan Rush for many years with multiple companies and I can truly say that he is simply fantastic at what he does. He approaches problems with a clarity and openness to learn and adapt that I have never seen in business before. He has always exceeded expectations on our projects.  I have personally recommended Alan to many businesses and I do not hesitate to do so again with anyone that asks.

Nashville, TN


We had little to no visibility or tracking before we began working with Alan.  He worked with my company three days a month to help create a sales plan and sales process that has visibility and forecasting.  We completely revamped our management team, started hosting weekly management meetings, developed an inventory and warehouse system, a more efficient payroll system and a sales incentive program.  Alan spends a significant amount of time in the field doing hands on ride along training and has helped develop a strengths and weaknesses analysis of each of my technicians, as well as an improvement plan for each one.

Lexington, KY


Alan worked with my sales team weekly for over a year.  He helped me interview, hire and fire until we had the ultimate sales team.  With a mix of onsite classroom and in the field sales training we were able to implement a sales process that lead to doubling our close ratios, increasing our gross profit margin and significantly increasing our average sale.  We’ve stopped lowering prices to close deals and have a culture of consistent follow up. Our team is fully bought in on selling solutions and our value instead of selling products.

Nashville, TN