Introducing the Rush Profits Monday Morning Meeting Minutes!

  • Need ongoing sales content for your morning meetings?
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  • Don’t have a lot of time to invest? These videos average 2 – 10 minutes, but are packed full of sales value!
  • Feel like you lose sales focus and need constant refreshers to stay on track?

Alan Rush is one of the top in home sales training experts in the United States. He has personally live trained over 1,000 in home sales technicians and taken them to new levels of success.

Alan is taking his top sales lessons and content and packaging it into short bite sized powerful chunks for you and your team to digest every week. Whether the information is brand new to you, a refresher or a sales lesson learned by Alan that week in the field, there is no questioning the value these 2-10 minute videos will bring to your sales organization.


  • New weekly sales video every single week!
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  • No ongoing commitments or contracts.
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  • Pay for itself 100 times over when implemented properly.


The weekly sales video subscription service is just $79.95/month.

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